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Can you stoop low enough to hear God's voice?

Father Jacob Lindle reflects on the readings of the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time. In our first reading, Elijah meets God not in the strong wind, not in the earthquake, and not in the fire. He meets Him, instead, in the tiny whispering sound of a small voice. We, too, must find God’s voice in the poorest and most vulnerable, the child.

An extreme amendment is on the Ohio ballot in November that threatens the health and safety of women, the rights of parents and the lives of pre-born babies up to 9 months. Vote no November 7th.

Archbishop Letter

Fr. Lindle Reflection 19th Sunday

“Mass Moments” –  GLORY TO YOU, O LORD

When the priest or deacon announces the Gospel at Mass, the people respond, “Glory to you, O Lord.” The response marks the tiniest change introduced in the revised English translation of the Mass. It inserts the word “O.”

This brief dialogue serves two purposes—one practical, the other spiritual. The announcement tells the community which of the four Gospels provides today’s excerpt. Spiritually, though, the people respond by glorifying the Lord. Their words acclaim Jesus Christ the Lord, who is about to speak to them through his word. The proclamation of the Gospel is a sacramental moment. Christ is present to his people. He is speaking to them. This is not a mere reading of an old book; it is a living proclamation of Christ’s word to his people today.

For this reason, the people greet Christ before and after the Gospel: “Glory to you, O Lord,” at the beginning, and “Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ” at the end. They do not address the deacon or the priest who proclaims the Gospel. They address Jesus Christ, whose word they hear.

The word “O” appears in this acclamation. Some people were saying it all along. Others make a slight adjustment. Throughout the revised translation of the Missal, the word “O” has been inserted into prayers addressing “Lord” or “God” to soften the way we speak, to sound more humble, and to show respect for the one we are addressing. This happens most often in the prayers of the priest, but occasionally in the texts assigned to the people. When you respond, “Glory to you, O Lord,” you are greeting Jesus Christ who is about to speak to you, and you show him respect with your word and your heart.

Bulletin Inserts for the Liturgical Life of the Parish: The Mass © 2020 Archdiocese of Chicago: Liturgy Training Publications. All rights reserved. Written by Paul Turner. Bulletin Inserts for the Liturgical Life of the Parish: The Mass © 2020 Archdiocese of Chicago: Liturgy Training publications. All rights reserved. Written by Paul Turner.

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SCAM Alert

ATTENTION PLEASE: Please disregard any emails from Fr. Walling that are not coming from rwalling@qphamilton.org. There are messages circulating about needing special prayers, money, etc. These are scams! Fr. Walling will NEVER email you asking you for money or gift cards.  The latest scam has somehow managed to pop into existing email conversation threads. The parish office does not need to be notified if you have received them. However, if you have fallen victim to these scams please file a report at Report a Scam | Ohio.gov | Official Website of the State of Ohio and with your local police department.  Unfortunately ministers, school principals, etc. are common targets for these scams because these are organizations that people like to make donations to.


Our Family of Parish Priests enjoy a home-cooked meal together each week at Queen of Peace. Meals are delivered to the parish office or outside the residence every Tuesday and Wednesday. Typically, meals should feed 4-5 adults. They enjoy all meats, starches, salads, breads and desserts. If you would be interested in being put on the rotation or have further questions, please call the Queen of Peace Parish Office 513-863-4344


The Mission Outreach Committee met in August 2023 and has targeted the following as priorities for this fiscal year. We will continue our twinning relationship with the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu in Uganda as well as our supportive relationship with H.O.P.E.-Full Pastures, a local therapeutic intervention opportunity for abused and neglected children. Also, we continue to sponsor support for a mother and child annually through the Healthy Moms and Babes program. We donated funds to purchase materials for Serve City to remodel their gathering space for Hamilton homeless, and upon their completion of that project by volunteer contractors, will assess where we may additionally assist. In appreciation for Franciscan support in celebrating St. Al masses on occasion, we offered support for their clinic and food outreach programs in Jamaica and will again interact with them to see where support is most needed. The Food for the Poor program with which  Fr. Ray had been so deeply engaged had unfortunately suffered some mismanagement issues that have now been rectified. That is another area that will be evaluated for support. The reality is that we begin our fiscal year budget with about $7000 less than last year so our Lenten initiative will impact how broadly we can support our outreach objectives as we progress through the year. The St. Aloysius parish has always excelled in their generosity which has enabled us to help make a difference in the lives of some of the most needy. 

Committee members are:  Jim Bischoff, Sr.(513-896-6397), Ann Adams (513-646-1052), or Imelda Castaneda-Emenaker (513-403-9621).

Community Outreach

Many families with aging adults are unaware of the several available memory care options and programs in their area that can help them support a high quality of life. So we created free resources that highlights the best memory care facilities in Ohio.

Check out the Memory Care Guides here:

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Spiritual Communion 

For those who are unable to receive Holy Communion, you can make this prayer of Spiritual Communion a source of grace in the midst of difficulty:

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.


Servers, Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers

Please consider helping; training will be provided. 

Call the parish office [513-738-1014]. 

St. Joe's Corner

- September 28, 2023 - 8th Grade Spotlight Breakfast

- October 20-23, 2023 - Fall Break

St. Joe’s is trying to gather addresses of their graduates. There is a form on the school webpage, www.sjcshamilton.org that you can fill out with your information. Thanks!

If you are interested in purchasing a St. Joe's 365 Lotto Ticket, you can contact any St. Joe's student or the school office (513-863-8758), or use this link to purchase online:  SJCS Catholic Schools 365 Lotto Tickets.   The funds generated through the 365 Lotto Fundraiser for into the St. Joe's general fund and help cover general operating expenses which otherwise would have to be covered by large increases in tuition.  

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"FORMED" Program

FORMED is Catholic content all in one place. It is a platform of Catholic teachings through videos, audio talks, ebooks, movies, and more. Consider it personal faith formation at your fingertips. As a parishioner you have access to this subscription.

You can copy and paste the following website https://formed.org into your URL.  The parish code: V3JWJ6.  

OR...go to the LINKS tab and click on the FORMED.ORG and it will take you directly to the site to subscribe.  

Please Note:  When first signing on to FORMED.ORG, you must register your email address.  

St. Aloysius Veteran's Memorial

If you are interested in purchasing a Veterans’ Memorial Brick, it’s not too late! Forms are available in the rack outside the parish office door. This is a great way to honor a special person….any military or non-military; a friend; a family member.

There are two more areas added to honor our POW/MIA Veterans, as well as our 6 th military branch, Space Force. Bricks are available. Questions, please call Bill (513)706-5475.

Parish Mission Statement

We, the people of St. Aloysius Parish, are called together by God through our Roman Catholic faith to be an active, visible community where the faith flourishes and grows. As such, we acknowledge God's love, Jesus Christ's redemption, the power of the Holy Spirit, and our individual and collective membership in the body of Christ. It is the privilege, responsibility, and challenge of that membership to manifest God's unconditional love for all His creation. This effort to be Christ-like will be especially evident in our parish worship, evangelization, and service.

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