Serve City, Hamilton

Serve City is an outreach center dedicated to serving the needs of Butler County's low-income and homeless individuals and families.  It is located at 622 East Ave, Hamilton, Ohio.  

Many churches and other organizations have been serving dinner at Serve City for many months.  In the summer 2016, St. Al's decided to partake is this very important program.  In January 2017, St. Al's designated day was assigned as the Fourth Thursday of every month.  St. Al's now has 2 Teams that alternate months.  

Many are needed to donate and prepare casseroles, crock pot meals, desserts etc....  The kitchen is small so only approximately six are needed to actually serve the food.  Dinner begins at 6:00 sharp.  

For those interested in preparing a delicious meal and/or helping to serve the meal, please contact  Terrie Meyer (738-5552 or 484-5830) or Marianne Kautz (738-2650)