St. Vincent dePaul Society

This Society is the Parish supported charity serving the less fortunate in our community since 1987.  The group uses donations from monthly Parish collections and many of our church organizations to relieve some of the basic living needs for struggling families.  With almost no expenses, it is typical that over 99 cents of every dollar will be used serving the needy in our community.  Each donation is valued and will always be used in the right way for the most good.  Food, clothing and shelter are the basics we serve but assistance may be almost anything from transportation help or needed medicine to simply listening.  The group serves with a sense of humility and justice, and any provided assistance is always temporary and measured depending on the situation.  We seek Christ in the faces of the community service programs in which the Society either directs or participates in,  the Thanksgiving Food program, the Christmas Giving Tree, and the Ross back-to-school program.  The Society is one of many conferences in the Hamilton Deanery and our conference meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at church.  The group typically has 6-12 active members and has a President, Treasurer, Secretary and Spiritual Advisor.  If you are interested in the St. Vincent de Paul Society or know of someone who may need it's services, please contact the parish office (738-1014) for assistance.