Beacons of Light

Beacons of Light

What should Families of Parishes be communicating right now?

• Informing parishioners of how Beacons of Light is impacting their Family of Parishes

• Sharing: ”What is Beacons of Light?” and “Why is Beacons of Light happening?”

• Call to action items for parishioners – what you are asking them to do

Example talking points:

1. Learn more about Beacons of Light at - link is above!

2. Under the leadership of our pastor, our Family of Parishes is exploring areas to come together as a community.

Recommended talking points right now: 9-1-2022

1. No churches are closing right now. With the implementation of Families of Parishes all parishes currently continue as individual
canonical entities. Any potential changes ahead will be collectively explored by members of our Family of Parishes and clearly communicated.

2. The future of our Family of Parishes will be decided by parishioners, led by our pastor and approved by the archbishop. Please  join the pastor and parish leadership in working toward and praying for a strong, vital community of evangelization and service centered on the Eucharist.

3. There is value in merging our spiritual resources within a Family of Parishes in order to strengthen our local Catholic community.

4. This process will require hard decisions involving sacrifice and loss, but which will bear great fruit in the future. Let us join together as a community in support of one another and to pray for God’s guidance.

Beacons talking points summer 2021:

1. Open comment period for the draft Families of Parishes is Oct. 1-20, 2021. Please participate. The final announcement of the Families of Parishes is expected by late November. The implementation of Families of Parishes is July 1,2022.

2. The status quo is no longer an option. At this point a comprehensive pastoral planning process is a necessity in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to garner stability and position the diocese for growth.

3.  Our resources are largely consumed by efforts to maintain the status quo. In particular, our priests are stretched to the limit. The number of archdiocesan priests available for assignment is projected to decline by approximately 20% over the next five years.

4. Religious practice has been declining in both the United States and in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. From 2010 to 2019,  sacramental practice in the archdiocese declined by 23%.

5. Our current infrastructure and schedules were built for a different era. In many cases, our church buildings are grossly underutilized. In the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, the average Sunday Mass is about one-third full.

6.  Read more information, watch an interview with Archbishop Schnurr about Beacons of Light and review the draft Families of Parishes on the website:



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